SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Premium Lashes

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Premium Lashes

A pair of reusable lashes.

With a #wispy, full design, the Sue Premium Lashes are delicately crafted from 100% human hair to blend beautifully with the natural lash line. The sophisticated lashes have a lightweight feel and an invisible, feather light lash band that is easy to apply and leaves an undetectable finish.

Cruelty free
#Reusable with proper care
Glue not included

Remove #lashes from the tray using tweezers.
Measure the lash against your natural lashes and trim the lash from the outer edge.
Apply a thin layer of Lash Glue to the band and leave to dry for a minute to get tacky (If the glue is too wet it will slide around the eye).
Apply the lash to the centre of the eye then carefully set the inner and outer corners into place.
Squeeze the false lash with your natural lashes to get is as close to the #natural #lash line as possible.

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