Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist 🌫

Tatcha The Satin Skin Mist 🌫

A clay-powered spray to balance oily skin.


This satin skin spray is formulated with both powder and liquid to balance oily skin types and reduce shine without drying the skin. It can be used to prep skin prior to makeup, set the face post-application and refresh throughout the day.

Key ingredients: 
Okinawa clay: keeps skin fresh without disturbing or drying makeup.
Hadasei-3: Tatcha's superfood blend of green tea, rice and algae, delivers nutrients for soft, youthful-looking skin.
Japanese wild rose: visibly tightens #pores and refines skin texture overtime.

Made without: 
Parabens, sulphates, oil and synthetic fragrance.

Pair it with: 
Enzyme Powder

Shake well to blend the liquid and #powder formulas. From an arms length away, spritz three to five times across the face and allow several seconds to dry. Use after #moisturiser to take away shine or throughout the day to set and refresh.